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July 7th
5:38 PM EST

Let’s discuss: The Deathly Hallows Part 2 Premiere in London

Somebody hold me. How is J.K. Rowling even breathing right now? I can barley form words to describe my feelings and I’m only looking at pictures through a stupid computer screen. Does anybody with a rocket ship want to fly me out to London ASAP? Because, I mean, have you seen Matthew Lewis? Yeah, that is not the Neville Longbottom we thought we knew, but always loved. And then, they’re all hugging and crying and making speeches and looking all amazing. The internet is a dangerous place for serious Harry Potter Fans today. One click of your mouse can lead to instantaneous uncontrollable crying.

Anyone who had to spend time being productive with the use of a computer that has an Internet connection today didn’t accomplish anything, because when you see links to photos like this one, and this one, and this one, you can’t not click them. You just can’t not. And then you do, and you melt. You melt into a big huge puddle of Harry Potter Mush.

My heart, it weeps.

~Harry Potter forever and always.~