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October 14th
11:45 AM EST
Today on Wall Street: Inspector Cardona throws a punch at protester Felix Rivera.
The police brutality needs to end NOW.
(via kateoplis)

Today on Wall StreetInspector Cardona throws a punch at protester Felix Rivera.

The police brutality needs to end NOW.

(via kateoplis)

September 26th
3:30 PM EST

Please read this and share it with everyone.


My name is Kelly Schomburg, I’m the girl with the red hair in these pictures. I was protesting at the Occupy Wall Street march yesterday when I and several other women were sprayed with mace and subsequently arrested. Many have already seen the video, which has been spreading like wildfire over twitter, Facebook, tumblr, and other video feeds, along with hundreds of other photos and videos. This is my recount of what happened.

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September 24th
9:38 PM EST
"…we are all subject to the overwhelming power of the police…our ability for redress, as well as for deterrence, is crippled by the reluctance of newspapers, radio, television, and government officials to hold up strongly before the public the kind of information which might rouse the citizenry to action. The question then is: how can the people of a community feel “secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures?” How can they, knowing that neither the words of the constitution nor the institutional arrangements of the city will guarantee this security, develop the resources of information and power to protect themselves?"

Howard Zinn - Justice in Everyday Life: The Way it Really Works

NYPD Arrests Over 80 at ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protests

While the NYPD maintains that they neither own nor use tear gas, some have stepped forward to confirm that they were pepper-sprayed. In at least one video, a man is violently tackled for simply talking to an officer.