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November 2nd
10:41 AM EST

Oregon Bike Trails- Cayucas

Alright, yeah. This playlist is pretty rad.

May 24th
10:26 PM EST

Daily D&D Playlist:


Half the fun is rocking out and the other half is scanning through the radio until you finally find the perfect driving & dancing song.

Michelle Branch- Everywhere ~ Michelle Branch is my girl.

Red Hot Chili Peppers- Give It Away ~ RHCP: never not good. More importantly, always amazing.

Beck- Loser ~ You’re a Loser if you don’t like this song. (I unfortunately also just found out that Glee did a cover of this song. No comment.)

Michael Jackson- Billie Jean - Took dancing while driving to a whole new level with this.

Blue Oyster Cult- Don’t Fear the Reaper ~ This actually isn’t that much of a “rock out” song, but it’s one of the. best. ever. so that kind of takes precedent. 

KT Tunstall- Suddenly I See ~ I am Andrea Sachs in The Devil Wears Prada.

Taylor Swift- The Story of Us ~ Can’t help it.

Young Money & Loyd- Bed Rock ~ Also, can’t help it. 

(Source: themostmusic)