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March 23rd
8:27 PM EST

Face-palm worthy moments of my day:

When I watched two girls take a cigarette break during their workout at the gym.

When I went to wash the pile of dishes in my sink, except I couldn’t because the sponge was underneath all of them and unreachable.

When my dad mistook the name Justin for Chris. (Not even close. Not. even. close.)

This has been a blog post.

12:29 PM EST

This little tidbit of information from Jay Parkinson really gave me a nice little motivational kick in the butt the other day. So I’m definitely not a doctor, but at least in this aspect, I decided to follow in Jay’s footsteps.

For the past few days I’ve been waking up around 8AM and reading two articles that I printed out for myself the night before. And I’m going to sound like a bit of a huge nerd right now, but I can’t lie, knowing that there are two separate piles of paper with interesting stories and information waiting for me on my kitchen table sort of makes waking up in the morning a whole lot easier.

This morning I read Buddhism and the Brain from Seed Magazine, which is by far the best article I’ve read since starting this endeavor, and Power and the Presidency, From Kennedy to Obama from Smithsonian Magazine. 

I’ll keep you guys updated on what I’m reading and I’m also thinking about starting a word of the day type entry, so I can archive new and interesting words that I come across. Don’t you just love words? They’re so great. I love em’.

March 17th
8:23 PM EST

The fire alarm went off at work today.

Naturally, everyone had to leave the building and then the fire department came. I was standing outside with everyone, talking to Stephanie and watching the firemen walk into the building to put out the non-existent fire. I thought one in particular extremely attractive, and for a little while I thought that it might have just been the uniform. But no, my attraction was validated when the gay guy standing next to me blurted out, “Oh damn, you could make a calendar out of him!”

March 13th
11:52 AM EST

Take notice. Pay attention to the striking, crisp blue color of the cloudless sky. Make note of it when you are still able to see a faint glimpse of the moon during the middle of a bright, sun-filled afternoon. Do not disregard the laughter of the children riding their bikes up and down the pavement of the street you grew up on. Do not forget to close your eyes, tilt your head up toward the sun and welcome its warm embrace. Each day, remind yourself to take notice of every single beautiful detail.

March 10th
2:04 PM EST

I think it helps to not think about time so much. You know? Don’t think about how much time is left or how much might have been wasted in the past. Concentrate only on the here and now. Time isn’t even all that real anyway, but it is limited, and we have to make it count.

11:52 AM EST

It’s strange, isn’t it? How for so long, you can feel so sure of something, but in one instant, something else can come along and erase and replace everything you thought you knew. It forces you to question your judgment. It makes you wonder if you can ever really be sure of anything. But I guess that’s the thing, you can’t. Nothing is ever definite. But maybe what you felt so sure of before, that you now realize wasn’t exactly what you thought it to be, was like a small glimpse of hope for you to hold onto until it was time for you to encounter something more extraordinary. And as you move on from what you once believed so assuredly, you might feel a sense of betrayal. Don’t. At one point in time, it was what you truly felt. Just recognize and accept that a change is taking place within you. There will always be things, and people, and ideas that will agree with your soul and reason more than others, but it’s important to never forget the inevitability of that fact that those things can change, especially when you least expect it.

11:15 AM EST

You need to stop and take the time to appreciate the little pleasures that make life beautiful more often. Maybe these things are not the same for everyone, but there is a endless list of experiences of all types that we as humans should more frequently recognize as wonderful.

Like the embrace of the hot sun as it wraps its heat around your body for the very first time after five months of a long, grey winter. The sun is such a big mass, so significant to the very existence of your being, yet how often do you stop to really admire the warm embrace of its life-giving light? Or the wind; the sound of the cool breeze swooshing through tall trees has the ability to take you back to the summers of your childhood, when you used to play tag in the front yard of your grandparent’s house. There is reason to believe that it is more necessary than you may think, to stop and take the time to notice the beauty in such a detail. Or what about something as simple as sitting next to the water with your toes buried in the warm, white sand as the sound of miniature waves flow toward you with inspiration. Every detail is a gift.

When you look at the big picture, or even perhaps, if you find yourself focusing too hard on some tiny insignificant detail, sometimes life can seem like a struggle. But maybe all that is needed is a readjustment of focus. Allow yourself to see happiness in the small, unexpected places, and then maybe you will find that everything else will eventually come together and fall into place.

March 5th
10:49 AM EST

It’s a strange thing, all of the little thoughts and memories we keep stored and untouched in the dusty corners of our minds. You could be cleaning your room, not thinking of anything in particular, when you come across an old diary that you decide to open, and all of a sudden, two words scribbled in the messy handwriting of a fifth grader, on the top of an otherwise blank page, instantly take you back to the summer of 2001.

You start to remember all of the warm summer days that you used to spend conjuring up adventures with your neighborhood friends. You’re reminded of the time, you and Meghan planned to spend the summer making money by starting a dog walking business, and find yourself back in the exact moment when you both had first come up with the idea. You were bored and sitting together on your front stoop, thinking of ways to pass the time. When the idea struck, you both jumped up, ran through the front door and up the stairs to your room where you grabbed the diary and began to write out the steps of your new plan.

Presently, you laugh to yourself because the mostly blank page tells you that you both were much too eager and impatient to actually write down what it was you were planning to do. You imagine Meghan saying to you, something along the lines of, “Forget writing a plan, let’s just do it.”

As you continue to look wonderingly at the blank page, you begin to remember all of the other summertime adventures shared with your neighborhood friends. Like the time when Corrine got stuck in the baby swing at the park, and nobody knew what to do or who to call for help because you weren’t even supposed to be at the park in the first place.

It’s funny right? How two words scribbled at the top of a page in an old diary can stir the dust on the shelves of your mind, and open your memory to stories and places that you had forgotten you’d even remembered.

March 3rd
12:32 AM EST

Sometimes I think about

how the media is really just a product of what audiences want. You know? A station isn’t going to play a show if they know people aren’t going to watch it. It’s all about profit and the only way to make money is if people are watching. There are a lot of people spending a lot of time researching and trying to understand what exactly it is that’s going to keep people glued to one show or one channel. And I guess maybe this applies more to prime time TV, but I just started thinking about the concept again right now, and it’s because it’s 11:00 at night, and my mom just turned on the TV to a random channel, and Judge Judy is on.

It’s hard to imagine what kind of people out there are watching this show in bed, at night, before they go to sleep. At least to me, it doesn’t seem like anyone would want to do that, but it’s on, so that means people are watching. I see this as a problem. Not necessarily that Judge Judy is a problem, she just sparked the thought in my brain. The problem is that more people would rather be rocked to sleep by the meaningless murmur and glowing blue light of their television sets, rather than tire their eyes with a good book or settle their souls by sharing a meaningful conversation with someone they love.

March 2nd
10:46 PM EST

Sum 41- In Too Deep

I’m sitting here on my couch watching Cheaper by The Dozen and even though life after graduation hasn’t been all that easy, and all of my closest friends aren’t really all that close in the physical sense at the moment, it is infinitely fascinating to me that a movie or a song can vividly conjure some of my favorite childhood memories and make me feel happy enough to know that eventually everything will work out for the best.

I remember seeing this movie in the theater with my best friend when it first came out. We were thirteen and in love with Tom Welling. We laughed so hard at Steve Martin’s “Past de la Crotch” line and repeated it over and over for days after. And it was this movie that first got me to fall in love with this song, which I still love to this day.

It just goes to show that even though time flies, and sometimes it feels like nothing is the same as it used to be, some things will never change.