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June 21st
1:01 PM EST

Music Talk: OFD Pick

Song:Both Sides Now" by Joni Mitchell (1969)

This week Old Fart Dad wouldn’t stop talking about Joni Mitchell. He tried to go so far as to tell me that her lyrics are better than Bob Dylan’s. Better than Bob Dylan’s. I was like, “OFD, please! Don’t even go there. Do you know me? If you want to convince anyone of that, it’s most certainly never going to be me.” Plus, apparently this girlie called out my man Bob back in 2010, saying he is a fake. So, I have to hate her a little for that.

She is good though. Girl can sing. And though I’ll never concede to the fact that her lyrics are better than Dylan’s (psh!), I will say this: Uh, yeah, they’re good. She knows folk. She tells a darn good story through song, and I really like this one because she wrote it while she was on a plane. She said she had been reading a book by Saul Bellow, in which the first few pages describe the author’s experience of looking out at clouds through an airplane window. Joni put down the book, looked at the clouds outside of her plane window and then wrote the song. Hell yeah to clouds as inspiration.

June 14th
8:12 PM EST

Music Talk Tuesday: OFD Pick

Old Fart Dad’s music recommendation for this week is Grateful Dead’s “China Doll” off of their album From the Mars Hotel. He likes it because of its “haunting melody.” He said he was never a Dead Head but that when he lived in Vermont after college he would come home and crank up this song on his stereo. Isn’t it weird when you realize your parents existed and had a life before you were born? Yes. Anyway, enjoy the song. It’s a good one for sure.

June 7th
8:09 PM EST

Music Talk Tuesday:  Old Fart Dad Picks

OFD Picks will be a part of the Music Talk Tuesday series where my Dad will tell you what to listen to. You’re welcome.

Earlier this week Old Fart Dad heard “Two Against One" by Danger Mouse and Daniel Luppi. The track is off of their album Rome and it features Jack White and Norah Jones. Old Fart Dad said to me, “I want you to check out this song that I heard on the radio. Oh man. I can’t remember the name of it but it’s by… Jack White, I think his name was. Have you heard of him?”

Hmmm, I might have heard of him. I think he might have worked on a couple of small music projects over the past few years. I’d just have to check up on that though…

Joking! Joking! O.K. so maybe Old Fart Dad is not completely up to date on the past 15 or so years of relatively popular music, but that’s why this will be fun! And at least now he knows who Jack White is. Anyway, he nailed it with this one, so just press play already.