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June 7th
8:09 PM EST

Music Talk Tuesday:  Old Fart Dad Picks

OFD Picks will be a part of the Music Talk Tuesday series where my Dad will tell you what to listen to. You’re welcome.

Earlier this week Old Fart Dad heard “Two Against One" by Danger Mouse and Daniel Luppi. The track is off of their album Rome and it features Jack White and Norah Jones. Old Fart Dad said to me, “I want you to check out this song that I heard on the radio. Oh man. I can’t remember the name of it but it’s by… Jack White, I think his name was. Have you heard of him?”

Hmmm, I might have heard of him. I think he might have worked on a couple of small music projects over the past few years. I’d just have to check up on that though…

Joking! Joking! O.K. so maybe Old Fart Dad is not completely up to date on the past 15 or so years of relatively popular music, but that’s why this will be fun! And at least now he knows who Jack White is. Anyway, he nailed it with this one, so just press play already.