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March 16th
6:32 PM EST
Usually vanity plates suck, but this one I love! 
[via hungryrunner]

Usually vanity plates suck, but this one I love! 

[via hungryrunner]

December 16th
8:34 AM EST

An email from Louis CK:

Hi.  This is LOuie.  It seriously is me. Im even going to leave
the O stuipdly capatalized because who would pay an intern to do
that?? Okay so you bought the thing with my fat face on it and
you clicked the button that said i could email you. And i know
that now you are thinking “aw shit. Why’d i let this guy into my
life this way?”. Well dont worry. Because i really swear it that
i wont bug you. I will not abuse this privalage of having your
email. You wont hear from me again… Probably, unless i have
something new to offer you. The reason i’m writing now, in the
back of a car taking me to the Tonight Show set, is to let you
know that as of now there is some new and cool stuff on my site,
related to Live at the Beacon Theater. Theres a thing where you
can download and print a dvd box cover and label so you can burn
and make your own dvd of the video. And theres a new option where
you can gift the special to as many people as you want (for 5
bucks each) and they’ll get a nice gifty email from you with a
link to the video.

Also, some of you may know, i recently made a statement (that
sounds so dumb. Like i’m the president or something) about how the
video has been doing online. Im pasting it in here below in case
you missed it.

Lastly I’m planning to put some more outtakes of the show on
youtube and i think i will put one on the site that is only
available for free to you folks on this list, who bought the
thing and opted in. But dont hold me to that because really i
just thought of it and typed it.

Okay well please have a happy rest of the year and more happy
years after that. And please even have been happy in your past. 

Thanks again for giving me 5 dollars. I bought 3 cokes with it.

Regards. Sincerely, Actually,


This is the first email I haven’t been annoyed at in about three years. 

April 10th
8:58 PM EST
(from postsecret)

(from postsecret)


October 9th
5:27 PM EST

Magnetic tape campaign for a classic rock station in Brazil. 


Magnetic tape campaign for a classic rock station in Brazil. 

August 27th
10:43 PM EST
"History does not offer us predictable scenarios for immense changes in consciousness and policy. Such changes have taken place, but always in ways that could not be foretold, starting often with imperceptibly small acts, developing along routes too complex to trace. All we can do is to make a start, wherever we can, to persist, and let events unfold as they will. On our side are colossal forces. There is the desire for survival of 5 billion people. There are the courage and energy of the young, once their adventurous spirit is turned toward the ending of war rather than the waging of war, creation rather than destruction, and world friendship rather than hatred of those on the other side of the national boundaries. There are artists and musicians, poets and actors in every land who are ready to take the world musical and eloquent and beautiful for all of us, if we give them the chance. They, perhaps more than anyone, know what we are missing by our infatuation with violence. They also know the power of the imagination and can help us to reach the hearts and souls of people everywhere."
—  Howard Zinn, from Passionate Declarations
August 22nd
11:21 PM EST
August 14th
1:29 PM EST


Something Corporate- Straw Dog + 21 and Invincible @ Roseland Ballroom in NYC 8/13/10.

Check out this footage from last night’s Something Corporate show in NY. I’d say this video accurately captures the essence of the entire show. 

“It is so fucking great to be back here. Roseland Ballroom…holy shit!…You all are the craziest looking audience we have seen so far…Thank you for joining us for this here reunion tour. And thank you for packing out this ballroom and making us feel special for the first few songs. This next one is a song that I wrote when I was young and fucking dumb as hell. And now I’m old and equally dumb…”

[video credit]

2:25 AM EST

Some days all I do is watch the sky.

My undying love for Something Corporate and Andrew McMahon has been fully restored back to the same level that it began at back in 2003. Their show tonight was nothing short of amazing and the fact that it was their reunion tour, in New York City brought it to a whole different level. Just amazing. Pictures, videos, and more about the show tomorrow!

June 20th
1:05 AM EST
(via rawrxja)

(via rawrxja)

May 5th
9:10 AM EST

I may have posted this before, but this is the best photo ever taken.


I may have posted this before, but this is the best photo ever taken.

April 17th
12:57 PM EST
April 3rd
12:08 PM EST

Just bought tickets to Bamboozle New Jersey!

I was extremely reluctant to give $68 to Bamboozle, mainly because they have Ke$ha and Drake headlining. WHAT EVEN IS THAT?! But since the band that was the epitome of my existence during my high school years (SOMETHING CORPORATE) is playing, it is completely justified in my mind. I get to see Something Corporate! I can’t even explain to you what that means for me. I am a happy girl.