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April 17th
8:56 PM EST

Stream of Consciousness

From my high school AP Literature journal (with added commentary in bold):


"I’m not sure what I want to write about. Stream of consciousness is something new and different to me. I don’t think it would be possible for me to write down every single thought that went through my head in one day. (HA! If only high school me could meet present, blogging me!) Right now my biggest concern is that I have an ear infection and it hurts A LOT!! (What a nice life it must be when your biggest concern is a fricken ear infection, god!) Now I can’t swim at varsity swim practice today because I’m not allowed in the water. (I love how I wrote this as if I was actually upset that I couldn’t go to practice. Yeah right! I was rejoicing! Rejoicing!) I’m mad that today is Monday, I have a whole week of school to get through before it’s the weekend again. (OMG, Rebecca Black would totally be my best friend.) I hate Mondays. I’m kind of tired because last night my ear was hurting so much that I couldn’t sleep. (Wow, what a little brat I was. Complaining about every goddamn thing.) Yesterday was 9/11, I watched a little bit of the memorial service on TV. I think it’s good that the day is remembered and that it is important to remember the people who died that day.