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March 13th
1:00 PM EST

True Life: I Went Running and Got Lost


Sooo, let’s talk a little bit about how I was planning on running a 5.5 mile loop today, but ended up getting completely and totally lost and clocked in almost 7 miles instead. Whoops! I definitely should have thought about the fact that I have absolutely no sense of direction before I set out on a new trail that, about every 500 yards or so, branches out into new paths that lead in every which direction.

Actually, that part was kind of nice at the beginning of the run because I wasn’t at all paying attention to the time or distance since I was preoccupied with trying to figure out which way I needed to go in order to get back to the starting point. Obviously that didn’t work out, though, because about 3.5 miles in I finally realized I was not running in a loop and figured out that I needed to turn around and go back the way I came if I wanted to ever see civilization again. To give you a hint at how much of a sense of direction I have… I also got lost after I turned around and tried to run the same route back. Thank goodness I had my iPhone and I was able to pretend to know how to use a compass!

Despite getting quite sidetracked, it was actually an awesome run. I felt great, maintained my goal of keeping under a 10-minute-mile pace, and the scenery was beautiful, so I can’t really complain. The whole ordeal might have also taken me a bit longer because I stopped to snap some photos to share!

I love this trail because all the locals take their horses out on it. I waved to this guy and said, “Beautiful horse!” and he tipped his cowboy-ish hat to me. Dammit! I want a horse and a cowboy-ish hat!

I got to run along this super swerve-y boardwalk that runs over a marsh, which made me feel like I was in a video game. (Bonus points for not falling into the swamp!)

And, nothing can ever beat running along the water! (I’d prefer the ocean, but lakes are cool too!)

March 12th
10:01 PM EST


Eat Skinny Be Skinny: Blue Moon Applesauce Sponge Cake

Whenever Claire posts a recipe on her blog, I always pray really hard that the finished product will instantly appear on a plate in front of me. It never happens, but hey, a girl can dream. While it’s a shame that I can’t use the power of magic to summon delicious baked goods into my life, the good news is that foodies like Claire are nice enough to use the power of the Internet to let us in on how we can make our own versions of their recipes!

[via The Realistic Nutritionist]

In the case of this Blue Moon Applesauce Sponge cake recipe, I’m especially grateful because a) It’s super easy to make, b) it’s cake, and c) it’s cake made with Blue Moon! (My favorite beer!) So, basically this cake is a win-win-win situation.

Head over to Claire’s blog for the recipe!

[via The Realistic Nutritionist]

If you like beer and if you like cake (that should include just about everyone), then you will enjoy this recipe for cake that is made with beer.