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March 4th
1:42 PM EST


The Story of Keep Calm and Carry On

(by BarterBooksLtd)

October 11th
12:52 PM EST
August 25th
2:25 PM EST


Jack Kerouac display at The New York Public Library

This whole exhibit was like a writer’s wonderland.¬†

May 1st
11:40 PM EST

I guess maybe I want to remember

what I was doing when I found out Bin Laden was dead. It’s my first night in my new apartment and I’m stating my new job tomorrow and I was kind of just futzing around on the Internet (what else is new?) and the news started to break, and then everyone tweeted it before the President could even say one word. I just turned on my TV for the first time in god knows how long, (because, EW @ American news networks) thinking that Obama was going to be speaking soon, but he’s taking his sweet ass time.

Now I’m having a flashback to 2003 when they captured Saddam Hussien. I was in West Point for a swim meet and I vividly remember watching the news reports in my hotel room. I’m thinking that this moment, like that one, will probably stand out in my memory for a good while. I’ll also remember it because like everyone else on the Internet, I had to go and write about it on my blog.

Also, since it’s not all about me, I’d like to remember that this little snippet said the right thing.

Also, also, LOL @ people’s Facebook status updates and banter.