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May 23rd
9:47 PM EST

Recipes and Food and Things

Since I’ve moved into my new apartment, I’ve been doing a lot more cooking. So far I’ve been doing a pretty good job, especially considering my past as a cook. (Hint: it’s not that great. I’ve had quite a few unsuccessful adventures in the kitchen, to say the least.) Since I like to share my food with everyone, (that is the biggest lie ever, I’ll bite your hand off if you touch my plate) I’ll start to share some of the dishes that I’m cooking with you all!

Plus, a really awesome blogger introduced me to this really awesome blog a few days ago and I’ve been reading it like a book ever since. If you feel so inclined, you can check it out for yourself, but to put it simply one of its main points suggests a completely grain-free diet. Yeah, it sounds crazy, but I’m gonna try it. Not immediately though, because honestly who am I kidding? I’m eating cereal as I write this. It’ll take some time, but really, I’m not even so much worried about that. My main goal is to stray away from unhealthy, over-processed, food crap and start to eat more intelligently and naturally. This will include weekly trips to the farmers market! Yay for organic, locally grown fruits and veggies, and hormone-free, grass-fed meat and dairy products!

I’m also going to attempt to stay in shape while I’m working my first full-time job down here in good old Virginia, so I’ll tell you all about my crazy exercise endeavors too!

Stay tuned and stay classy!