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October 16th
6:33 PM EST

CBC reporter Kevin O’Leary calls Chris Hedges a “Left Wing Nutbar,” Chris Hedges proceeds to make O’Leary look like even more of a complete idiot.

"O’Leary: Repoter: So, what exactly is everybody complaining about? And also, give me a sense of how much momentum this movement has, because it looks pretty nothing-burger so far. Just a few guys, guitars, nobody knows that they want, they can’t even name the names of the firm’s that they’re protesting against. Very weak. Low budget.

Hedges: They know precisely what they want. They want to reverse the corporate coup that’s taken place in the United States and render the citizenry impotent and they won’t stop until that happens. And frankly, if we don’t break the back of corporations, we’re all finished anyway since they’re rapidly trashing the ecosystem on which the human species depends for survival. This is literally a fight for life. It’s that grave, it’s that serious. Corporations, unfettered capitalism, as Karl Marx understood, is a revolutionary force. It commodifies everything; human beings, the natural world, which it exploits for profit until exhaustion or collapse. And the bottom line is we don’t have much time left.

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